Temper Tantrum ***Romance. May be VERY MATURE with GRAPHIC DETAILS*** Male or Female

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Temper Tantrum ***Romance. May be VERY MATURE with GRAPHIC DETAILS*** Male or Female

Post by SamyRotu on Tue Dec 30, 2014 7:03 am

****Before you decide if this is the thread for you, please advise - This story may get VERY MATURE with graphic details. I am looking for mature and it can be male or female. Hoping for romance or at least a lovely relationship after hardship. Masters are not supposed to love their slaves after all. It's a super natural world. This can be fun, dramatic, risque, and so on. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Sorry there is no picture of the character.******

Slavery. Never a fun word. She rolled it around in her mind, but only as a distraction. The auction was still going and her arms were aching from their position above her. The ropes itched and cut her skin. A ball gag was used to keep her quiet. Duct tape ruined lips. She was decorated with light make-up of red lipstick, eye liner, and mascara. Her hazel-gold eyes stood out and almost glowed.

She was no human. She held a fierce power of everything around her. Elements, objects, and those eyes could see through to the soul, if there was one. However, a well formulated drug kept her sedated and from killing anyone.

It was hot in the tent, sweat rolled down her face and body. She was covered in a scrap of cloth to show off her body. Her hair that was a shining gold/brunette was up in a ponytail that trailed to her neck. Her hair was a natural wavy/curly.

She just wanted water, fresh air, sleep; luxuries she had been denied the last few weeks. Her previous master had been murdered and all his possessions were to be auctioned off. He'd left no mention of what was to be done with her so off to the slave market.

Something snapped in her mind. She did not want this anymore. She wanted to be done with this place. Her vision turned red as she broke her ropes and adrenaline burned away the drug. With a gesture, she sent the podium and the auctioneer flying across the room.

Guards surrounded, her as she stood up, a bit shakily. She tilted her head and they all fell to the ground screaming. Hands grabbed her ankles from the audience, but she kicked them off and ran.

She did not know this area. Everywhere were non human beings reaching for her. She dodged them, kicking and flipping over stalls of other shop owners. She found a corner, hidden in shadow, and crouched there for a rest. There was chaos all around, looking for her.

She covered her ears with her hands, the red haze fading as she curled up, whimpering in fear.

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