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Post by Erveran on Sat Apr 25, 2009 10:49 am


Name: Viria (Do dragons really need last names?)
Race: Red Dragon
Age: 59 (has just reached maturity)
Alignment: Neuteral
Gender: Female
Hair Colour and Style: There is no hair to describe...
Eye Colour: Plain yellow
Ht. & Wt.: 5'2" at the top of the head; 6'1" at the top of the wings.
Identifying Marks: The shape of her head horns are incredibly unique; the same being with how her wings are attatched to her shoulders.
General Appearance: Small; scrawny at that.
When her egg was laid, it was abandoned by her parents. She was the only egg; this would make it harder to notice laying in a naked nest. Without the warmth of her mother or father, her development became slow and weakened. However, just before her body was about to shut down on her, a phoenix had found the nest. Having enough of a heart to care, this phoenix stayed with the egg. As soon as Viria hatched out of her egg, the phoenix fell in love with her (in a parental way).

The phoenix tried to raise Viria to the best of its ability. Viria had some struggle of surviving in the first few months of her life, for she was not fully developed when her egg hatched. She was smaller than other dragons of her species; and she was weaker. However, the phoenix was able to assist her. However, she survived, and was in good enough health to live a full life.

She was 58 when she reached full maturity. This is one year above normal females of her species; but that wasn't too bad. When the phoenix figured this, it left Viria. Viria moved away from her old den, and made a new one further south. She now knew that she would have to fend for herself, find her own food, fight her own battles, and she would have to repopulate.

However, she did not know how to do these things to the best of her ability. This is because her phoenix gaurdian never taught her how to do this as a dragon; the phoenix didn't teach her how to mate at all. Viria was very clueless when it came to a lot of things. She could hunt and fight without much difficulty, but she did not properly understand when a male wanted to mate. A few male dragons have given her the proper signs, but she did not understand them; instead of explaining them to her, they just left.

She has been for her entire life, an odd, confused creature. Unless she can find guidance, she will stay this way.
Pets: None
Special Abilities: She can breathe fire (with some difficulty), and she can fly.
Weapons: None that she can wield.
Personality: She is a tad shy. She has pretty bad social skills, yet, she isn't too afraid to ask questions. She always needs reassurance on many various things.


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