Lost and Forgotten (May be Mature)

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Lost and Forgotten (May be Mature)

Post by Chaosmazer on Thu May 14, 2009 12:05 am

First there was darkness... nothingness above, below all around... no sound, no light, just darkness. Suddenly, light flooded the vision of the young man laying down on a table. First it was hard to make out, there were words being said, yet he couldn't make it out. He started to croak out a few words. "Who... Where..." all he was able to say. A cold, wet cloth was pressed against his head. He seen a woman over him along with a couple of men, all taking care of him. He was only able to make out one word... "Miracle...." his eyes closed and he drifted off once more.

The next time he woke, it was more peaceful. He seen he was laying in a simple bed, sunlight flooded into the room from a single window. He sat up, he was completely naked, but next to the bed he found some plain robes. Standing to dress he looked down at himself, at his body. He was muscular, yet still lean. His body marred by many scars. His chest, he looked behind him, from what he could see his back was torn up a bit as well, but it didn't hurt. He put on robes before anyone walked in and went to explore the place he found himself in. Before he left, he noticed a small shine from a table beside the bed he slept. He picked it up... a tag, marking him as a solider... he knew that. He flipped it over... Abel... He set it back down. Was... that his name?

Large windows decorated the halls, filling them with sunlight. He seen more people ahead of him, dressed in the same robes. He seen them look at him in shock and run towards him. What happened next was a jumble... he was bombarded with many questions, asking him who he was, what he remembered... he only answered the truth. "I... don't know... I can't remember anything..." He learned that they found him laying outside in a great storm, bloodied and nearly dead. The fact that he was walking around was a miracle.

Two years passed with Abel working a peaceful life at the place that he found himself. It turned out to be a peaceful Abbey. He was well loved by most people, but he was a bit reserved. Abel was put to good use though, he helped in the fields growing crops. Training, one of the many defenders of the Abbey, he was a great fighter, skilled. It was a simple life, but he was happy... Though most nights, he could rarely get a full night's sleep. He would wake, screaming, a cold sweat running down his brow... he could never remember what it was that terrified him so.

Abel's peaceful life came to an end... he felt something calling him... something raising up inside of him. He needed to leave, he knew that now... he needed to find out what happened. The Abbey people gave him a small supply of food and let him keep the robes... he was always welcome back. For now, he needed to find himself. He started to travel.

Abel found himself standing in the middle of the plains, practicing training. He had fought bandits, raiders, thieves, and many other unsavory types. He would never kill, but each time he fought he felt something rising up inside of him... he had to fight to remember. He finished up training his fighting art and started on his way again. The wanderer, looking for a purpose.

((Any may join, may be R))

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Re: Lost and Forgotten (May be Mature)

Post by SamyRotu on Wed Aug 20, 2014 10:36 am

(( Before I join, I wanted to know exactly what genre you were intending for this to be. I didn't want to write something and it be impossible like dragons, magic, etc. Things of that nature. Let me know!))

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