Captain Krosh

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Captain Krosh

Post by OrderOfTheBlackGuard on Wed Jun 24, 2009 10:45 am

Name: Captain Krosh
Race: Werewolf by curse at the current time
Age: 37
Alignment: chaotic nuetral
Gender: male
Hair Colour and Style: grey fur all over his body
Eye Colour: yellow
Ht. & Wt.: 6'8'' 275 lbs
Identifying Marks: none
Appearance: weres a ragged cloak over his body and head to conceal his werewolf traits
Background: Not much is known about Captain Krosh save for the fact that a long time ago, he used to be a mortal man, but a terrible curse was put on him which changed him into an immortal werewolf...and no way to turn back. However, Krosh has done some reasearch and has found a possible solution for his curse. Hiring a team of were-animals that share his discomfort, he and his crew search the seas, willing to travel anywhere neccesary to save them from their terrible fates, even if it means going into another world entirely...
Pets: none
Special Abilities: Super strength and agility, very keen sight, hearing, and smell
Weapons: His claws and jaws, plus a rapier at his side.
Personality: Cold and harsh, willing to do whatever it takes to cure him of his curse.


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