The Call Of Darkness (reserved for Nuwisha)

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The Call Of Darkness (reserved for Nuwisha) Empty The Call Of Darkness (reserved for Nuwisha)

Post by OrderOfTheBlackGuard on Wed Jun 24, 2009 2:56 pm

I used to be...normal...I was....a man.

Captain Krosh stood on the side of his ship watching the waves below, it was near midnight and he and his crew were on the open ocean. Krosh was a tall werewolf with a small pirate hat on his head and a ragged cloak over his body and his head to conceal his beastly features.

I am just a mere fragment of my former self...the curse changed my appearance yes, but it changed my mind also, I sometimes have to use all my strength to stop the animal side from taking over.

Krosh turned his head quickly as he heard footsteps behind him break the dead silence of the calm ocean below. It was one of his crew, A shapeshifter by the name of Ralph. Ralph used to be a free shapeshifter, able to shift into any animal shape he pleased. But one day a battle with a wizard left him only his human form and his flight form, a were-hawk.

Krosh: Are we almost there Ralph?

Ralph: Yes, it will only be a few hours now. Shall I wake the crew?

Krosh: No..let them sleep...this is their last night as cursed and scarred men.

Ralph: Captain I hope you're not putting too much faith in your informant...what if he was wrong and the orb is not there?

Krosh: He's not. I can sense its presence, a powerful magical artifact is in the town of Oceanbrooke and we are going to claim it for ourselves and be free once and for all.

Krosh turned back to gazing at the ocean below and Ralph sighed.

Ralph: Right then, I'll give you a warning when we are twenty minutes away.

Ralph bowed and walked away.

Krosh: I can feel your power...I know you're there...and you will finally free me of this wretched curse...
Hours later the sea side town of Oceanbrooke was in view of Krosh's ship, the Decimator. The crew of misfits, outcasts, exiles, mutants, and were animals stood ready for the invasion as Krosh walked from the upper deck to the lower where they were all standing.

Krosh: Alright men...this is what we've been waiting for, the magical artifact known as the Orb of Demin is in that town somewhere, and it holds the key to our freedom. After this night, we shall no longer be shut away from the world!

He said raising his claw in the air as his crew shouted in approval. The crew stood now anxious as ever as the ship pulled closer to the pier, all of them standing at the exit ramps. Another of Krosh's crew approached him now, this time a were bear named Jons, this was the only of his crew he had known from his human life. Jons was also the only of the crew that actually accepted his powers, he had been bitten by a rabid bear and could now transform back and forth from a giant bear humanoid shape.

Jons: Well...sure you're ready to go through with this? These powers of ours...they have unlimited potential.

Krosh: I don't want to hear another speech about keeping the can keep yours all you want...but I'm getting rid of mine. See the difference in you and that I don't have the luxury of turning back...

Jons: I know old friend...but what if...ya know, it's fate, what if you were given your powers for a reason?

Krosh: Well I don't want to cooperate with fate, so thats that.

Jons: hmph, as you wish.

Jons said and walked to join the rest of the crew. The crewman in the crow's nest was Drake, he looked totally normal except he could transform his hands into bird talons and he had a lone wing off the right side of his back, a white feathered one like an angel.

Drake: We're here!

Krosh: Alright men! TEAR THIS PLACE APART!

As soon as the ship was close enough, the crew started to jump and run off the ship and onto the pier, headed into the small peaceful town. Within a few minutes there was a war zone in Oceanbrooke, the armored guards couldn't quite make out what was happening, having a hard time accepting the fact that a bunch of animals were destroying their town. Krosh entered the town hall now and once inside two guards attacked him, but he easily caught them both around the waist with his giant claws and threw them to the ground knocking them unconcious.

Krosh: I can feel close...

Krosh busted down the door to his right and there in front of him was the Orb on a pedistal. All sounds seemed to go deaf, his senses shut off as he gazed at the key to his freedom finally in his grasp. But it was a short lived victory, as soon as he saw it, he saw the figure standing next to it. The man was wearing a mage's robe with sharp broad shoulderpads.

???: So close...

The mage and the pedistal were surrounded in darkness and then both disappeared, the mage's voice still lingered.

???: Yet so far...


Krosh's monstrous voice boomed as he dove to the spot where the Orb was but hit only air. Krosh's anger got the best of him and his eyes were blood red with rage. Using his shoulder he rammed through the wall and was outside again, he pointed his snout to the sky and boomed to all his crew in a savage roar.


The crew was enraged as Krosh was in only a matter of seconds and they were savagely destroying everything and killing anyone in sight. Krosh rounded the pebbled street corner of the town and saw Drake standing in front of a small house.

Krosh: What is it Drake?

Drake: There's a strong presence in here...

Krosh: Well if it is a mage then kill him and retrieve back the Orb, if not join the others on the ship again.

Drake: Aye captain.

As Krosh walked away angered, Drake gently pushed the door open and stared inside...

(Alrighty well sorry for the length I like to get a build up going though, your character can be inside the house he just opened or not, I can write around it if you choose not to be in the house, have fun Smile )


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The Call Of Darkness (reserved for Nuwisha) Empty Re: The Call Of Darkness (reserved for Nuwisha)

Post by nuwisha on Fri Jun 26, 2009 12:53 pm

In side the small house that was closer to a shed than a real house was it dark and damp the very air was hard to breathed. The sounds of the fighting faded away as one stepped in to the house the only sounds that could be heard was that the burning of wood in a fire place and the hissing sound of something hot being placed on something cold. It was hard to see anything well in the house, the first room was nearly completely dark except for a small trail of orange light that came from underneath a door. The fire place in the next room was barely burning at all it was just glowing with a warm orange glow that made strange shadows dance in the room. A huge figure lifted up a red glowing iron out of the fire place and placed in on a much smaller slender figure that was chained to the wall. A low suppressed scream came from the chained figure followed buy the sound of frying flesh and laughter of hate and contempt.

((Short I know, I blame my dyslexia. And i was not sure if i could you any of your introduced characters for this post but any way, and yes i am playing a female.))

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