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Name: Zangya
Race: Unknown, but she is of an intergalactic race.
Age: 18 (she would've been 1,018 years old, but she died and came back as the same age she was 'before' she was sealed in the star for 1,000 years).
Alignment: She has to do good (for certain reasons), but she is mostly just neutral.
Gender: Female
Hair Colour and Style: Orange, long, and curly.
Eye Colour: Blue
Ht. & Wt.: 5'5" 122 lbs.
Identifying Marks: Has a small, but deep slash located at the center of her left cheek.
Appearance: Always wears a mask that covers from her nose to her chin (basically, it covers the entire lower half of her face and only her eyes and her forehead are showing), which also covers up the scar on her left cheek.
Background: I'll start by talking about a bad space pirate named Bojack. His goal was to become ruler of the universe and destroy anyone who stood in his way. The four Kais sealed him inside of a star because of all the damage he was doing, but after a thousand years, he is released when Goku had teleported the ready-to-self-explode Cell to King Kai's planet. The explosion freed Bojack and it allowed him to do whatever destruction he wanted to do upon the universe. His minions (that are of the same race as him) were also released from the star that they were sealed up in with him and Zangya happened to be one of those minions. She was actually one of Bojack's first and main minion he recruited long ago. She is also the strongest one out of the three minions as well. When Bojack heads to Earth, the World Martial Arts tournament happened to be going on so they basically 'crashed' it. Zangya's first opponent was Krillin, but she apparently beat him with ease. The other minions defeated a few of the other strong fighters as well. After this all happens, Zangya and her partners gang up on Gohan to fight him and eventually, Gohan reaches his super saiyan 2 state and destroys the two Bojack minions that were still alive. (The other one was already killed). Since Zangya had never seen such power, she was stunned for a little while, but in that short time of being 'stunned', Bojack takes advantage of this and uses her as a distraction by pushing her forward and destroying her with his very own energy attack (she was also kind of being used as a shield). She was immediately killed within the blast. When she wakes up, she finds herself in a place called, 'H.F.I.L.', (I think it stands for Hell For Infinite Losers or something...) which is where all the bad guys go when they die. Apparently she wasn't going to accept this fate so she attempts to escape. When she does this, she runs into Bojack since he also died when Gohan killed him. Thoughts of revenge immediately kick in so instead of escaping while she had the chance, she challenges and fights Bojack. She was surprised that she was able to beat him, but King Yemma in Other World wasn't for some reason (while he happened to be watching the fight). Even though most of the bad guys in HFIL didn't get a second chance, some did if they passed a test he gave them. He calls her up to Other World and challenges her to this test (to test her goodness or whatever). If she was able to fight off the next powerful threat on Earth, he would agree to give her back her life to give her a second chance, but if she did anything extremely bad, she would be sent back to HFIL. She agreed to this and managed to fight off the next threat on Earth so apparently, she gets her life back and appears in the middle of a distant city when she does. From there, she began her new life. (I cut out some things about Bojack to shorten the history explanation). Zangya now wears a mask that covers from her nose to her chin (basically it covers the entire lower half of her face and only her eyes and her forehead are showing). She wears this mask as apart of her style now, which too her represents that she's a different, new person. She also wears it to hide the small, but deep slash located at the center of her left cheek. She received it when she was fighting Bojack in HFIL.
Pets: None
Special Abilities: Energy balls/blasts, psycho thread, flying, teleporting, enhanced speed, strength, and agility, etc...
Weapons: None
Personality: Bold, cruel at times, slightly flirtacious sometimes, revengeful, has an evil streak to her, abrasive when she wants to be, but usually she's pretty calm and doesn't get mad 'too' easily.

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