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Name: Voatana (Vot for short).
Race: Winged Elf
Age: 16
Alignment: Good
Gender: Female
Hair Colour and Style: Black and out.
Eye Colour: Silver
Ht. & Wt.: 5'5" 83 lbs. (Due to a really light bone structure).
Identifying Marks: None
Appearance: She usually has on a windbreaker with two slits cut in the back of it for her wings to come out at. Most of it is white, but the edges are tan. When her wings fold up, they are hidden by the windbreaker, making her look completely normal--well, almost.
Background: Voatana is the only winged elf left in the entire world. When the bad scientists found out about them, they slowly killed them off by keeping them in labs and experimenting on them while keeping the secret of winged elves and what they were doing away from the rest of the world. She was captured when she was little and placed in a lab, but somehow, she escaped before they could do any other experiments on her that would kill her like the rest of the elves. Now she is currently being hunted down by the beings that were created in the lab as well. Since a normal human wouldn't be able to capture her, they use the human-like beings to go after her. Despite that they almost always find her in every place, she still has her wings to keep her ahead of them.
Pets: None

Special Abilities: has the ability to fly, has more endurance than most beings, can wield some magic, advanced vision, etc.
Weapons: Sometimes she uses a bow
Personality: determined, clever, brief, a little on the sarcastic side when she's fighting for her life, but she's usually kind, doesn't care about fashion or looking good, has some anger issues towards the scientists and the people chasing her, adaptable, cautious, alert, independent, etc....


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