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Photo: (minus the pointed ears)
Name: Grimoire Valentine the 2nd
Race: Human/Mixed ethnicity/Demon host
Age: 18
Alignment: Tainted
Gender: Male
Hair Color and Style: Black, straight hair, about as far down as the middle of his neck, with high bangs that when fall almost reach his chin.
Eye Color: Scarlet
Height & Weight: 6’
Identifying Marks: A black tattoo running up the length of his arm, starting around his wrist then in intricate patterns up until his shoulder. Some ancient looking glyphs entwined in the intricate design. He also has a large ‘X’ shaped scar on his chest.
General Appearance: As seen in picture. His clothes vary. Normally though he would wear black clothing from neck to toe, underneath the blood red cape he adopted from his father.
Background: (I will put one when I can think of one.) He is the son of Vincent Valentine and Lucrecia Crescent.
Pets: none
Special Abilities: He, like his father, is the host of the demon Chaos. Transformation into the beast is extremely controlled though thanks to the Proto Materia that was made for him when he was very little. If ever in the form of the demon, he is extremely powerful, has the ability of flight, and loses most common sense. Unable to control his own actions, seeing as in the demons for, the demon is the one in control.
Weapons: None in particular, but is at most times equipped with a gun, in which he is skilled with. He also knows how to wield a sword well, but it is not his preferred weapon.
Personality: Rather quiet, tends to avoid social situations and even thinks of himself as an outcast in society. He appears firm, cold as stone on the outside, with an unbreakable mask of remorse. When people do get to know him, they see his true way with people. He is kind and intelligent. Not one to judge on appearances but instead to shy away from an encounter. Though it may seem as though he hates everyone, that is not true, he hates no one but himself and the monster he is. Living alone for most of his life has not help change this.

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