Luke and Asch

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Luke and Asch

Post by SS3Pan on Mon Jun 29, 2009 4:27 pm

Name: Luke Fabre/Asch Fabre
Race: Humans
Age: 16 (Both)
Alignment: Both are on the good side.
Gender: Males
Hair Colour and Style: Short and Bright-Red (Luke)/Long and Dark Red (Asch)
Eye Colour: Green (Both)
Ht. & Wt.: 6'0" 157 lbs. (Both)
Identifying Marks: None
Appearance: They both have a slender appearance with the loose clothes they wear, but they are also pretty well-toned.
Background: Luke and Asch were both born on the same day, making them twins. Their facial features are pretty much the same, but the natural shade of red in their hair are slightly different from one another, which made them a bit more easier to identify. Luke also cut his hair when he was 16, which made them look more different as well. The two of them mastered the arts of sword-fighting when they were about 14, as well as most of the martial arts. Luke and Asch had been moving most of their lives, due to their mother's business-related job. It all stopped though, when their mother had unexpectedly died during one of her business trips. Since their father was nowhere to be found since they were little, all of the money that was earned by their mother was passed down to them so they'd be able to live by themselves without having to worry about getting more high-paying jobs for awhile. The two of them try not to think about their mother's death, but it still devastates them on the inside. For their mother's sake, they continue to practice their sword-fighting, due to the fact that she was the one that introduced the arts to them. Asch hates his father though, despite that he only knew him for a few years before he decided to disappear. He just never liked him and since it looked like he ran off, he hates him even more.
Pets: None
Special Abilities: They have a natural talent for sword-fighting and the Martial Arts. They are also stronger and faster than the average human.
Weapons: Sometimes they use swords, but if they aren't available, they just use their fists/feet.
Personality: friendly, sociable, witty, caring, loud, etc. (Luke)/grumpy, a little emotionless at times, silent sometimes, has violent tendencies towards his brother, a bit sadistic, on the short-tempered side, secretly caring, etc. (Asch)

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