HI! glad to be back in the rp world!

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HI! glad to be back in the rp world!

Post by silverwolflady on Sat Jul 11, 2009 1:20 pm

Hello everyone!

not many know me but i used to rp on the msn groups. alot of them actually i went by Nightstakler2484. haven't rped since february but now i am back! and hopefuly i will stay back, can't wait to start some good rp's with a few of you, i am fairly good if i do say so myself. maybe not the best but hey , practice makes perfect, that and i am always on every day so atleast you know i will be here constantly. Anywho.. just thought i would say a few things and say hi.. but time for me to pic out a charry, do the profile and fix up a good rp ^-^ .


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