Modern/fantasy/horror/stuff rp

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Modern/fantasy/horror/stuff rp

Post by nuwisha on Mon Jul 27, 2009 4:00 pm

Well first of all will I point out to those who know about world of darkness that I really mean OLD world of darkness *shake fist on anger at nWoD*. Anyways for you who don't much or no at all know about WoD (short for world of darkness) is it much like Underworld as underworld is based on WoD (they actually a suit White Wolf inc. for 17 copyright infringement take that Sony Pictures) except WoD is bigger and better in all ways. To describe the entire world of darkness would take days as it is so much to know about but I will stick to the many points, what is the world like? What creatures exist? And what types of rp can it produce?

Well the World of Darkness resembles in many ways this world, there is a US, the Eiffel tower is in Paris, the grass is green the sky is blue you get the picture. But it is much darker and devious, Governments are corrupt, secret cults and sects pull the strings in dark, the sky is clouded by pollution and the grass is contaminated by toxic waste. Humanity has lost hope and is preyed upon buy supernatural creatures.

This takes me to the supernatural and other that wander the world. Let’s begin with the big three as they are called.

Vampires – or Kindred as they call them selves these guy are almost to the point exactly the same as the once in underworld, they drink blood to sustain them, cant be in sunlight but UV light as no effect it must be sunlight. Garlic, stakes and that stuff is useless against them but they can be killed buy conventional means no head your dead you know. They heal faster then humans but they must use the blood in there system to do that. They also have a type of blood magic which is called disciplines that can be used in many different ways. There are thirteen Clans of kindred that all they all belong to. To become a vampire one must be embraced by a vampire that will drain all the blood from a human and before she dies feed her own blood to the human, this is the only way to become a vampire and one become the same clan as ones sire. Kindred in general are not a very sociable creature as they are very territorial and constantly try to gain more power over other vampires. Most Kindred follow under rules known as the Masquerade witch basically is a way to hide the existents of vampires of mortal eyes.

Werewolves – or Garou as they call them selves are shapeshifters and warriors of Gaia the earth spirit. These guys is noting like the classic werewolves they can shift at will form any thing between human and wolf. They as vampires can be killed using normal means but they can regenerate wounds that would normally kill a human with in seconds making then really resilient, the only wounds they can’t regenerate is wounds made from silver and they fell uncomfortable holding silver objects. The most interesting about the Garou is that they are both of flesh and of spirits this means that they can step sideways in to the spirit world that they call the Umbra. The Werewolves fight a begin know as the Wyrm which is the embodiment of corruption that is slowly devouring the world from the inside. There is only one way to become a werewolf it is to be born as one, a werewolf is either born from a werewolf and a human parent or a werewolf and a wolf parent but some unfortunate souls is also born from two werewolf parents these unfortunates are treated as outcasts buy there society and is born sterile and with some kind of deformity.

Mages - The Humans is exactly that humans, they feel, think, eat, and die as normal humans do with one exception Magic. No there not you’re run of the mill fireball throwing wizards even if they can do it they rarely do so in the fear of a Paradox. Paradox is the only thing that stands between a mage and ruling the world. Paradox is the force of belief in the world slamming home the fact that Mages are twisting reality in ways that it should not turn, and they cannot do that without consequences that at some extent can be fatal. Because of this do Mages not go around town bragging about their “amazing powers” not to mention the bad reputation one would get from other mages by doing this. Instead they then to manipulate the surroundings in a discreet way like instead of crushing a car with once bare fist they can make a lamppost fall over it a crushing the car in the process. That is basically all I know about mages as they are very complex in they own way but its something.

But besides these do it exist many more that have been suppressed by or is simply less easy to notice that the others, what ever the reason they are still as a big part as the three.

Demons – Elohim or angels actually or more correct fallen angels who defied their Creator for love of humanity, and for their rebellion were cast into the Abyss, a prison hidden deep in the lands of the dead. As time passed in to the present cracks in the Abyss made it possible for some weakest and smallest of the fallen to escape in to the material realm. The only way they can remain there, however, is by taking a host preferably a mortal whose soul was weakened enough to allow the Fallen to gain a foothold.

Kuei-jin – Or as western vampires call them kindred of the east are actually not vampires from the eastern part of the world but they are Risen spirits of dead individuals how return to their deceased bodies or in some rare cases somebody else’s deceased body through the second breath and rejoins the land of the living as a cannibalistic demonic hellbeast. If not caught, these creatures will go on killing sprees and rampages of destruction - which is why the capture and civilizing of infant devils is a critical part of Kuei Jin society. All Kuei Jin begin in Hell and then graduate to a mad cannibal in a human body; it is only through discipline and whipcracks that they can move above that level.
Fera – The Changing Breeds are the different races of shapeshifters, even if their were originally many more they are only a few left after a devastating war with the Garou known as the War of the Rage and there fore many of the Fera hold a grudge against the Garou. As there are so many different Changing Breeds Am I going to list then here.
Ajaba - The Ajaba are werehyenas and Gaia's warriors in Africa, a continent without a wolf population. While the War of Rage did not reach Africa, the Ajaba were all but destroyed by infighting, their rivalry with the Bastet and, most significantly, the tyrannical Simba king, Black Tooth. The survivors were exiled from their traditional homelands. In recent years, however, the Ajaba woman Kisasi rallied the Fera of Africa and formed an alliance known as the Ahadi; together, they defeated Black Tooth and revitalised Ajaba society.
Ananasi - The werespiders are not children of Gaia, but rather children of Queen Ananasa, a powerful spirit child of the Weaver. They are considered alien and disturbing by other Fera, and not without reason: their animal form is a horde of creeping spiders, they possess no Rage, and they fuel their powers with blood stolen from humans.
Bastet - The werecats have many different tribes, like the Garou, though each claims a different species of wild cat. They are obsessed with secret knowledge and are always persuing and hording it. Many are great magicians, others are great warriors, but they are rarely pack animals and generally work alone. Some of their tribes suffered greatly during the War of Rage.
Bagheera - Wereleopards of Africa and Asia
Balam - Werejaguars of South America
Bubasti - Werekaphur of Egypt
Khan - Weretigers of Asia
Pumonca - Werecougars of North America
Qualmi - Werelynx of North America
Simba - Werelions of Africa and Gir in India,
Swara - Werecheetahs of Africa.
Corax - The wereravens are Gaia's messengers, spies and scouts who patrol the skies, always on the look out for danger. They are terrible chatterboxes and will tell what they have seen to any who care to listen. They escaped persecution in the War of Rage by aiding the Garou, and maintain the most cordial relations with the werewolves of all Fera
Gurahl - The werebears are Gaia's healers, tied to the Earth with a stronger bond than any other Fera. Many Garou believe the Gurahl are extinct, killed during the War of Rage when they would not give up the secret of restoring life to the dead. In truth, they entered a long sleep using a trick taught to them by the Mokolé, and have awoken in the modern world.
Kitsune - The werefoxes are magicians and politicians, holding together the society of Eastern shapeshifters in China and Japan known as the Beast Courts.
Mokolé - The werecrocodiles remember the age of the Dragon Kings, when terrible reptiles ruled the earth. They remember everything that has ever happened and keep that knowledge to themselves, only speaking to the properly respectful. Their Crinos forms more closely resemble dinosaurs or dragons than crocodiles, sometimes leading to them being called weredragons.
Nagah - Weresnakes that originated in India. Most all of the other changing breeds believe them to be dead, but they are very much still around. Serving as the "Judges of Gaia," the Nagah fill both the role of silent and hidden judges and executioners for the Changing Breeds. Many of the Fera races believe the Nagah are extinct. Only Fera present in the Beast Courts are likely to know otherwise.
Nuwisha (my personal favourites) - The werecoyotes are Gaia's teachers, though like their totem, Old Man Coyote, they prefer to teach exclusively through pranks. Thanks to a prank they pulled on Luna, they no longer have any Rage, though they have a closer affinity with the Umbra than any other Fera
Ratkin - The wererats once watched over humanity, keeping their numbers from ever becoming too great. However, the Garou usurped that role, and the Ratkin have hated them ever since. they fight firmly for the Wyld and take every opportunity to undermine technology.
Rokea - Even the sea has its protectors. The weresharks patrol the depths of the sea and are rarely seen by landdwellers

Changelings – Hate them will not talk about them

Wraiths – Ghost basically they exist in the underworld while some may enter a haunt in that way can they interact with the living world.

Hunters - Hunters were explicitly ordinary people who faced a moment of crisis; in this moment, they briefly viewed the world as it really was - that monsters like Vampires, Werewolves and wizards existed and preyed on humanity. At that point, given the choice to flee or stand and fight, a Hunter chose to fight, and was Imbued.

So there we have the setting any takes, any questions, anyone?

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Re: Modern/fantasy/horror/stuff rp

Post by nuwisha on Fri Jul 31, 2009 1:45 pm

Adding how each of the races look.

Vampires – Kindred look like mundane human except that their skin is a little paler and their fangs are retraceable making their masquerade easier. Even if each individual clan looks like humans with the exception of the Nosferatu that is disfigured by the blood in their veins and horrifying to behold. As the classic vampires do most of the elders dress classy in suits and dresses this apply also to younger kindred in clans such as Ventrue, Toreador, Lasombra, Giovanni, and the Setites. The other clans dress more in what ever way they feel like.

Werewolves – The Garou as most Changing Breeds have five forms. Human form as most looks like humans especially humans from the western part of the world, however the Garou born of wolves have a more rugged look like their have been spending their entire life out in the woods. Next the wolf-man as I call this form it looks almost exactly like the classic werewolves from the old movies, their body become hairier their bodies become larger both in size and mussel mass and their teeth and nails become more feral like but not nearly enough to make any real damage. This brings us to the war from which can be know as the “nine feet snarling death-beast” form, this form is just that a beast made for one thing, killing. The Garous head changes to a wolf’s maw, and the fangs and claws are now fully grown. The arms become long and apelike, and the werewolf can move either on two or all fours. The fur coat in fully grown and covers the entire body. The Garou also grows a tail which helps with balance. Fourth from is Near-wolf form. A werewolf in this form looks like a prehistoric dire wolf. The head and jaws are massive, even more than in their war-form. The Garou weighs nearly as much as the previous form, but it four legged stance allows it to run faster. Lastly is the Wolf form as with human form this is the form of a regular wolf even if human born garou look more well cared in the fur.

Mages – Not hard to explain they are humans and look human period.

Eh I will write the about the others too so just bare with me.

Demons – As the fallen are forced to possess humans to exist in the material realm do they look human with one exception. Demons are able to take a form known as Apocalyptic form that show their Elohim nature, though the form can wary from fallen to fallen.

Kuei-jin – In the beginning of their existence do they look like corpses but after a shot time do their body generate and return it to their youth.

Fera – Here we go

Ajaba – The werehyena have the same five forms as the Garou but has the likeness of hyenas instead, so that is all I say about them.

Ananasi – Ananasi have four forms but I getting tired of explaining the human form so I will jump directly to the war-form or spider-man form. Combining the characteristics of human and spider, this form appears both formidable and disturbing. An exoskeleton develops, muscles alter drastically, and the circulatory system becomes more spider-like. A human like head on an upright spider form or a spider head on a human form with hard carapace or any other permutation of spider and human, the variants is many. The third form is that of a Giant spider it is hard to describe it as anything ells. And the final form is the most disturbing form in excitants, the Ananasi breaks down in to hundreds of normal sized spiders equal to the mass of the werespider.

Bastet – These werecats like the Garou have five forms, the Human form isn’t much to talk about but they move in an attractive and catlike way even in this form. As with the Dogs the Bastet have a Man-Cat form that gives the Bastet feline characteristics with the emphasis on the human traits. Their limbs lengthen, claws extend from their fingers on command, and there facial features, eyes, and teeth become more catlike. Their body hair thickens, and becomes disturbingly human. The war-form is a balanced mix of cat and human, and built for battle. The Near-cat form is the normal cat form and enlarges it, making the Bastet more dangerous. This form is massively built, is more stronger than any of the other forms. The last form is the Cat form which is the form of one of the worlds large cat, this all depends on the tribe the bastet in question.

Corax – The wereravens have three forms instead of the more normal five. As all Changing Breeds do they have a human form when in it the corax then to look like underfed punk rockers. Black hair, black eyes, black wardrobe you name it. Next we have the Corax war-form. This form just looks funny. While in this form they have feathers, sort of, and a beak, sort of, and walk around on to legs. They got wings no arms, and their fingers are claws and the feet, I don’t want to talk about the feet. Their don’t not enter this form if they don’t have to as there are ashamed of this form. The final form is the bird form, were they are a full blown raven, wings and all.

Gurahl – The healers have as most five forms, there human form is much to talk about but their tend to be above average in height and musculature. The second form resembles the stereotypical wild man or the mountains. The Gurahl gain both height and weight, approaching extreme in both. Their war-form is just horrifying a teen to sixteen tall man-bear that may weight up to a ton. The face become bearlike, non-retractable claw extend to nine inches on both fore and back paws. The Gurahl’s fur takes on a denser texture providing natural armour to absorb damage. The Near-bear form as it closest likeness to prehistoric cave bears. Taller and longer than contemporary bears, they have elongated claws and sharp fangs. The bear form is that of a normal bear that walk in the forest of our day.

Kitsune – The Kitsune’s human form is no different from an Asian man or woman. Other than that mischievous look, they are indistinguishable from any other person. The Foxes rarely take their Near-man form as it is somewhat comical in appearance. Body mass remains constant, but the ears point upward. The eyes become slanted and thin, the nose lengthens and whiskers appear. Their war-form even if it can not really be called that, stands only and inch or two taller than their human form, this adds no real bulk. The head becomes fully that of a fox, though the intelligence of the eyes is unmistakable. The body is covered with fur and has obvious foxtail. Kitsune usually only assume this form for courtly affairs, to impress visitors or for the comfort of having fur. The near-fox form is a wolf sized fox form. The Kitsune has a great amount of “manual” dexterity with his mouth. Many have learned to hold daggers in their mouths or pencils for art. The Fox form is that of an ordinary red fox. A few Kitsune are gray foxes.

Mokolé – The Mokolé as the Corax only have three forms and I will skip the Human form and go directly to the War-form or as I like to call it the Dragon form. This form vary from Mokolé to Mokolé no of them is the same, this form is of prehistoric Dinosaurs or mythical Dragons. One thing is the same about the form is that it is of great reptilians. Their final form is that of the reptilians or crocodilians from around the globe.

Nagah - The snakes have five forms. When i human form thery just that human as is the same for all the shapeshifters, but the other forms is a little difftrent >.< the serpent-man kida like the wolf-man if the take a classic likness. Their facical features become more serpentine, with snake eyes, fangs, ophidian nose, forked tongue. Their entire body become hair less and scaled. The third form is their battle form a massive and ruthless nine foot tall monster. It has the hood of a cobra and fangs of the viper. Its basicly a huge snake that with two powerful arms and a tail that is balacing its titanic bulk that is at least 15 to 20 feet long behind it. the forth form is the great serpent form that resembles a massive snake over 30 feet long, with more mass that any snake living in the world. And finaly the fifth form is as you can guess a snake a regular snake.

Nuwisha – Yay! Yeah I like them, but any way back to business. As with the Garou the Nuwisha’s first form is that of a normal human. The next form is very similar to the werewolves wolf-man form, this form is smaller in all ways to the Garou and it do not have has much hair. As close to a “war form” as the Nuwisha get, this form stands nearly eight feet tall and gains rougly 250% of the human form’s mass. But is otherwise similar to the Garou’s form. The Nuwisha’s near-coyote form is the Garou’s near-wolf form’s smaller cousin, and a Nuwisha in this form are easily mistaken for red wolves. And final the coyote form what more do I have to say.

Ratkin – Wererats have only three forms but the don’t really need more. The ratkins human form is not handsome as some tend to have small traits from the rat, but not all do have it. The Ratkins war form is that of a rat human hybrid standing almost as tall as the Garou’s form. They are not handsome to look at, nor as horrifying as other changing breeds they simply are what they are, large ratman. The Ratkin rat form is that of a rat not one of the large ship rat more like a lab rat or sewer rat, one thing that changes them from normal rats is opposable thumbs.

Rokea – The shark’s five forms differences from others as two of them is useless on land were they can’t breathe in these forms. The Rokea human form tends to be ugly, hunched, and walleyed. In the near-man form the Rokea loses all body hair and grows even more ugly. They gain little in the way of height but nearly 100 percent of their weight in muscle. The back broadens as the dorsal fin begins to from. A Rokea in war-form is a ten foot sharkman, a walking nightmare. Capable of beheading a werewolf with one bite, and capable of cutting a human being half, this form combines the power of the near-shark form with the versatility of a humanoid form. Near-shark form as fearsome as the War-form is, most Rokea prefer this form for battle but it is useless on land as it is of a unnatural huge shark. The last shark form vary between different Rokea depending on what shark breed they are, but otherwise are they just a normal shark.

Changelings – Still hate them

Wraiths – I see dead people. How to explain how the dead look that depends on how they died but there are some what human but otherwise different in many ways.

Hunters – Do I really have to explain this one?


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