An Escape From Hell *Nuwisha*

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An Escape From Hell *Nuwisha*

Post by Kaitou_Dark_Sama on Thu Jul 30, 2009 4:18 pm

“Cayden?” The voice came from the speaker in the corner of the glass ‘cage’. The silver haired man inside of this glass cage glared up at the speaker before out of the cage and at the people who had been talking to him. Two scientists, not the same scientists that had been working on him his entire life, these were the ones who had replaced the one who had died of old age before them.

A small team was in charge of Cayden, he was still seen as an ‘unstable’ being, and he was not allowed out of his little hell hole…He had been in here for 100 years, having been created in a lab somewhere else but brought here within the first decade of his life. He couldn’t remember that much from way back then though. The team in charge of Cayden was made up of four people, the two children of the scientist who had helped create him and their assistants, and he hated all four of them with a passion. And other then the fact Cayden was ‘unstable’ he had also been deemed a failed project, because he refused to obey any order he was given and his power developed to slowly, he was supposed to be their ultimate weapon, he would be able to threaten the entire world with his power of Gravitational Manipulation, but he wasn’t as powerful as they wanted him and he wouldn’t be for 1000 years. Cayden wasn’t allowed to know anything about what went on outside his little cage, he did know a lot more then people thought about the outside world, but he didn’t know if, when he gained his freedom, if he would be able to stand it outside…of course…that was if he ever managed to escape.

“CAYDEN!?” The woman yelled louder and Cayden glared at her.

“What do you want, you old hag!?” Cayden said in a fierce tone, his eyes filled with anger as he sat on the metal floor of his ‘cage’ with chains connecting his wrists to the floor. He could see the button next to here that would undo his chains and lower the glass wall…it was so close yet so far, and this room was built so he couldn’t use his powers.

“Will you behave if we leave for a while?” She asked pushing her glasses up on the bridge of her nose and looking at Cayden with a disapproving glance.

Cayden snorted, “Ya because I can really do anything right?” He said angrily hating being restrained the way he was, hating the way they treated him like a pet, just something they had to take care of from time to time.

“Good…” She said with a nod and she walked out of the bright room, her brother who had been sitting at a desk writing stuff down and looking at a bunch of monitors got up and joined her as she walked out of the room.

Cayden mumbled to himself under his breath as he wrapped his arms around his legs and stuck his head in his knees but could still see the door as he wanted to make some sort of remark when they came back into the room. He expected it would be soon, they were probably just going to get a snack or something.

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