Please get my Imagination back

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Please get my Imagination back

Post by nuwisha on Mon Oct 12, 2009 11:24 am

Got a couple of ideas for some rp so look at them and tell me which you would like to try, just point it out and ask.

1. This one is a Star wars rp I have had in mind for sometime. It is a classic story about a master and his/her padawan, which i will play, that is seat on a investigation mission. Noting to difficult really.

2. A steampunk fantasy rp, very different from the other as they are future rps. I have to setting and a start post ready but no basic story line.

3. A World of Darkness rp. Basicly it is about a Pack of Weres that is tasked like many other pack to save to world from a invinisible force. There will be, if I can get together a buch of persons or just one ^^, a rp about the life in the pack, strange mysteries, horrible monster, spirutal journeies, much more.

4. Been looking at the good ol' anime outlaw star and what to to a rp in that type (space opera) but in a entirely different universes, mine.

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