The Outsider (RESERVED FOR CHRIS!!!)

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The Outsider (RESERVED FOR CHRIS!!!)

Post by Kitten on Thu Nov 05, 2009 5:55 am

“Call it aftermath, she's turning blue
Such a lovely color for you
Call it aftermath, she's turning blue
Such a perfect color for your eyes”

“Another murder victim has been found dead in his country mansion. His wife is nowhere to be seen and we are classing her as a missing person… No suspects have been accounted for yet but we are hoping to…..”

“My goodness, another victim…how terrible,” Skye said, placing a hand upon her heart. “Just imagine what his wife must be feeling…if she’s still alive…” Skye sighed, “I feel like I can’t even turn the television on any more without hearing about another murder case!” She exclaimed to herself.

************1 Year earlier**************

“Shhh…it’s okay…just close your eyes….”
“What…what are you doing? Skye?!”
“It’s a surprise!” She says as she ties her husband to a chair. “I just want to indulge a little more into my Dominant side is all,” She said with a giggle….

We go into a very dimly lit room. There are two people in this room. A male and a female. The male is sat in a chair, bound and now gaged. The female is stood beside him with a very wide, evil grin upon her ruby lips. “Shhh….It’s okay…you won’t feel a thing…Max….” She then growled, slipping a long blade from the garter underneath her dress. She gently ran the knife up and down his back, then his cheek. Max begun to whimper and shake, trying to yell at Skye through his gag. But all Skye got were muffled nothings. “Shhhhh” Skye repeated as she gently pressed the blade to Max’s neck. “Don’t say I never do anything for you Max,” She said with a grin as she gave him a kiss upon his cheek before forcefully running the sharp edge of the blade across his neck, killing him instantly. “Suprise,” She said as she turned on her heel and out of the room.

“Hello? Police? I…I…I….I need your help….there’s….my… husband…he’s….he’s been…..he’s been murdered…..”

Within minutes there were police all over the scene. Skye’s mansion was full of police searching the place for any clues and leads as to her husband’s murder.

As the police arrived, they were greeted by a very distraught looking woman. Her blonde hair was all over the place, her make up smudged, her dress ripped. “Please….c….c…come in….” She said before breaking down into tears and collapsing in a heap upon the floor.

One police officer came to Skye and helped her up and lead her into the living room where he got her a glass of water and sat down next to her. Skye looked up at him, “I just found him like that when I got home….” She uttered under her breath. “Oh officer,” She said falling limp upon him. “Do you think you will ever find the killer?”

************************4 Months later**********************

“Mrs Brown, your husband left you everything in his will. The house, and quite a large fortune. Congratulations,” The lawyer stated with a small smile upon his frail lips. Skye stands up to shake the lawyer’s hand and take the documents from him. Her heart was doing somersaults as she left his office. The first thing that Skye did was put the mansion on the market. Once it had been sold she moved away from the city and even the country. She flew over to America and bought herself a luxurious flat in New York.

Skye felt she needed to get used to the surroundings and decided to go for a little walk through the city. By dark she ended up in a small bar at the other end of town. There were a few people in there but apart from that it was empty. There was a gentle buzz of music in the background and a few murmurs from the people who were in the bar but there was an uncomfortable silence in the air. Skye sipped her wine and looked around the bar before sighing and looking up at the television, reading the subtitles across the bottom of the screen.

In the next few hours, people came and left and the bar started to pick up and get a little busier, the music got louder along with the voices and before she even realised, the bar was packed full of people from the city, enjoying a drink and having a laugh. One man that entered the bar really stood out from the crowd and Skye couldn’t stop looking across at him. She could see him gradually getting closer and closer to her before he sat down one or two stools away from her…

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