The Book (Mature/Female needed)

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The Book (Mature/Female needed)

Post by Guest on Thu Nov 19, 2009 9:07 am

Damion had searched nearly ten years for The Book. He was now thirty and he was no closer to finding it then he had been when he first started. He had followed every clue, every lead that he had come across, but as always they lead to nowhere. Since its creation thousands of years ago it had only been used by one person. That was the man it had been created for, a human servent of Lucifer, a high priest. He had used it to begin carving out an empire on earth for his lord and master. But there were those that feared, hated, and also coveted The Book.

It was a book whose cover was made of human skin, taken from hundreds of victims sacrificed to Luciier. With in its covers was spells and incantations that could control demons and devils, and other things to make life on earth a living hell that Lucifer could come forth to. Also it contained a spell that would give a human immortality. Immortality in a sence, because of Lucifiers love for deceit. You could live forever, but were still suseptable to being killed. Beheading, a mortal wound and you were dead and your soul was taken to Hell. The Human Servant of Lucifer had been killed and the book stolen. By who it was unknown, but it was thought to have been by those of an order that had sprung up to defy the Servant and Lucifer. The book could not be destroyed by ordinary means. It had to be returned to hell and destroyed where it was created. So if the Order as it was called, had taken it, the only recourse was to hide it and put up safe guards to protect it.

The Book was still being searched for by those that wished it destroyed and those that wanted it for themselves. Even the Demons and Devils that were lose in the world searched for it. For who ever found it and used it would be the master of the world. That was something Lucifer himself, coveted and did not wish for one of his demons or a human to find the book and use it for themselves.

Damion looked at his journal that spanned ten years of his life. He had one more lead that he had found in a very ancient book, really a scroll of pyprus from Egypt. He hoped that this would be something more concrete then what he had found before. "The great evil Tome was sent with Hasan Emuleh across the great sea beyond the great pillars to the land of the beginning." was the text written in a code that had only been broken recently. "Land of the Beginning." he spoke out loud. He sighed as he packed his bags. "Down to Mexico and South America then." For it was thought that this was where the Book had originally been brought forth and The Servant given it.

Hours later he arrived in Mexico and had his bags taken to his hotel room as he went to the hotel bar and ordered a drink. He would begin his search soon, but first he had to make sure he had not been followed.


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