Untold Forgotten Horrors {Mature, Silver Fang}

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Untold Forgotten Horrors {Mature, Silver Fang}

Post by tigresswarrior on Wed Mar 31, 2010 1:39 pm

“No! Get off me,” the scream echoed through the house, into the child’s bedroom. She sat up, her eyes wide, and terrified when she heard her mother’s scream. Climbing out of bed, the 7 year old child ran to see what was happening, fear for her mother caused her to not even think that she could be in danger as well. Hearing a struggling in the living room, Celia paused, and moved slowly, trying to be as quiet as possible. There, she saw her stepfather attacking her mother. Her mother was trying to fight to get him off, but he was stronger, and had the upper hand.

He had snuck in, knowing exactly where to get inside the house without setting off the alarm. He wasn’t even supposed to be there. Her mother had kicked him out, and now he was angry.

His anger terrified the child.

Running to her mothers room, she grabbed the gun her mother had kept hidden, and ran into the living room, and pointed the gun at her stepfather. “Let go of my mommy!” she shrieked. The man turned to her, a sly smile spreading across his lips. “With Pleasure,” he stated and threw the child’s mother at her. The mother landed on her daughter, unable to avoid it, and they both fell. The action had caused the gun to go off. Shock slid over the mother’s face, before the light faded and she went lip. The child screamed, terrified. Seeing her stepfather come after her, she pointed the gun at him and shot at him several times, never getting him fatally, but he wouldn’t be able to harm her.

He had called the cops, in complete pain. She didn’t hear him when he said “My stepdaughter killed my wife, and tried to kill me.” She was in complete shock, unable to deal with what happened, her tiny hands wrapped around her mother. “Mommy.”

She was barely aware when the ambulance came, and a cop came to her, wrapping her up in a blanket, and gently took her from her mother. She said no word, nor did she cry. It was shock that kept her silent, shock over what happened, what she had done, even if by accident.

It was a bright, and sunny day. Celia had been relatively curious by her husband’s surprise that he had, and was driving them to show her and her son on her birthday. Her eyes widened as he pulled the car up to a beautiful Victorian style house. Her son, Aidan, was completely thrilled by the house. Celia was horrified, but let herself be shown into the house, trying to hide her emotions.

Her gaze searched the rooms, it looked the same, as it had when her parents were alive. It was the house she accidentally killed her mother in, where everything got turned around, and her life became a complete nightmare, because she was compared the girl who murdered her family, on purpose. Her house was known as Little Lizzie’s place. Her birth name was Liza Borton, But since the accidental killing, she’d been compared to Lizzie Barton. Her adoptive parents took her away, and gave her a new name, in an attempt to help her leave her past behind, and to make sure no one knew who she was, so she wouldn’t have to be put through the horrors again.

Now she stood in the house of her nightmares, that was once a happy home for her
Memories invaded her mind, memories of the terrible night. She would have been sent way, to the place where bad children go, if there hadn’t been a witness that testified that she was a wonderful, and caring child, that she could do no harm.

“Mommy!” her son’s excited shout startled her from her thoughts. “Isn’t this an awesome place?” He was jumping up and down in excitement. She put a hand on his head, in an attempt to calm him. “Yes, it’s beautiful,” she replied, remembering the time when it was beautiful to her.

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Re: Untold Forgotten Horrors {Mature, Silver Fang}

Post by Silver Fang on Fri Apr 02, 2010 9:58 pm

He walks up behind his wife who was patting his step son's head. He wraps his arm around her and says, "Hey love do you like the new house. It is a big beautiful place for our son to grow up. It has an huge backyard and a nice place for our son to just run crazy. He smiles and takes Adrian's hand and says, "Look there is a big and sturdy tree back here. I can make you a really nice size tree house. How about it?" He ruffles the young boys hair and turns to his wife studying her face and realizing it wasn't the face he was expecting. He looks her over and then walks over and says, "He babe don't worry I got the place cheap the salesman said a woman was murder her and her husband was shoot several times. So the place isn't even going to set us back. Plus Chief gave me the month off paid leave to help us move in to the new house." He smiles and kisses her cheek as he looked her over again to see what expression she was now making.
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