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New RP Idea

Post by Kaitou_Dark_Sama on Thu Apr 15, 2010 4:05 pm

I put it up anyway...On The Brightside <--here it is.

I've been writing a story lately called On The Brightside(It's a Final Fantasy 7 fanfiction but the RP doesn't HAVE to have anything to do with Final Fantasy.) and I first wanted to do this story as an RP, but I figured...RPing a brain dead guy or a guy in a coma would be a BIT difficult and a BIT MORE boring then that. But I think I figured out a compromise, it is slightly based off of the game but I can give every detail it is:

((Er...just look at the little summary at the bottom...then read this. I'm almost done the first post but...well I need to know whether or not I have to change Cloud to another name or not.))

It is originally three guys I have as the characters...but in the RP i want two guys...though the other character being a girl is fine too I guess. explain it guys they are. My character, Genesis Raphsodos has recently recovered from a near death experience. The person who had attacked him so brutally was also the one who saved him. This characters name is Zack Fair, he ALSO has to take care of his friend (AKA. LOVER) Cloud Strife, who is suffering brain damage from a...I'm going to call it a drug overdose. Though dosages in the amounts he got would usually be enough to kill someone, they were given to him in such a fashion that he would be able to build up an immunity to it over time as it absorbs into his system. He's a vegetable for lack of a better term and cannot move on his own and can barely see, think or respond to anything at all. Zack and Genesis friend Angeal recently died as well, though that as well as their boss Lazard's death can be omitted from the RP because it's getting to close to the FF7 plot. So Zack leaves a half dead Genesis to take Cloud to a large city to get him help. On the way he is attacked and killed and in the game Cloud finds him. In the RP...that doesn't happen. Instead, I have Genesis find him again.

So now. With Zack, Cloud's lover dead. Cloud still sick and Genesis bringing him back to the village of Banora. We have the set up for the RP I have in mind. My RP partner will be Cloud, a couple days after this when they're back in Banora. He had regained some, not all, but some movement, to the point where he can respond but his reflexes are slow and stuff like walking or any sort of balancing would come as a challenge. He can talk, though not well. He tends to stutter while he's recovering. And to finish this all off. He has no idea that Zack is dead, because Genesis has been telling him that Zack was getting a doctor for the two of them. Genesis himself is not in the best of conditions and bringing Cloud back to Banora weakened him further. In time Cloud will realize Zack isn't coming back and Genesis will tell him what actually happened and try his best to comfort Cloud. And that's the basis of the RP. I suppose it could be tinkered with first but...well we'll see.

So Cloud doesn't have to be Cloud, he can be a girl or not, guy would be preferable. If you don't know about Yaoi and the wonders of it...all I can say is yum. I have never written or read a it's bound to be interesting. I'm probably going to take location names from the game just because...I don't like coming up with location names myself. Midgar was the town Zack and Cloud were going to. Banora is Genesis's hometown and the place where the RP is taking place. Gongaga is Zack's hometown. Nibelheim is Cloud's hometown. And that's all that's at all necessary. Nobody knows the characters are in Banora though they are being searched for (probably not in the RP though). Banora is completely uninhabited after an accident caused before the fight between Genesis and Zack. Genesis's house, the largest one in the city is in relatively good condition though so we can have them staying there. I just want to know if there is anyone who would be willing to do an RP like this.

I'll sum it up:

Zack dies while bringing his lover to the big city because his lover, Cloud has brain damage. Genesis, an old enemy finds Cloud and brings him to Banora to help him heal. While Cloud heals Genesis tells him Zack is in Midgar finding a trustworthy doctor. Cloud and Genesis are slowly healing from past problems. Genesis attempts to comfort poor little Cloud when he finds out the truth about his lover.

Alright reply if you understood....any of that. My initial post in the RP will probably make a LOT more sense...Cuz i can write it in story form...

I am a man of 6 feet tall. Just looking for some answers in a world that answers none of them at all. I’ll say hi, but not reply to the letter that you write because I found some peace of mind. I’m only as tall as my heart will let me be and I’m only as small as the world will make me seem, and when the going gets rough and I feel like I might fall, I’ll just look on the Brightside I’m roughly 6 feet tall.
-On The Brightside (Never Shout Never) ((the part of the song I based my story off of.))

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