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RP anybody?

Post by Kaitou_Dark_Sama on Sun Apr 18, 2010 5:31 pm

Hello...*sigh* I've been coming up with RP ideas left right and center here...and I've put up three...one of them I already have a post about...but lets ignore that for now. I have these up but i KNOW that nobody is even going to glance at them, which is kind of concerning...but it's probably because 'Oh it's that person who changed their user name...they only write about anime characters and gay guys.' Yeah okay...fair enough. That's my response to that one...because in hindsight that's pretty much all I DO Rp...But I actually have an RP up right now that ISN'T or...doesn't have to be yaoi or romantic in the least. AND it doesn't have anything to do with Final Fantasy or any Anime or anything. I mean yes, I stole the character from Final Fantasy...but I changed about 70% of his initial character to use for RPing...

School For An Insane Man Is the none Yaoi/Anime RP. The main character Nerotine (Nero) has serious mental issues. He drained the life from his own parents and keeps them preserved in their old room of their house while he does research to try and figure out a way to use the powers he has, which have the ability of contorting space and draining an animals life, to bring them back from the dead. So in the RP I want either a new kid or one of the kids who were already there (or even a teacher) to try and reach out to Nero in either a friendly, romantic or rude way. A bully would end up in serious fights to the point where it would be god modding if I were to fight a normal person...So a friendship or relationship would be the better options. I would prefer a guy character for the other person...but I'm not being that picky for this one.

Next is another non anime related one...with a plot I got from a story...Split Personalities This one though... I would like to be Yaoi. It's a pretty obvious plot, this kid with Multiple Personality Disorder finds a relationship and though he loves this person his other self doesn't know who he is. The other person loves Gatto...the actual person but doesn't have the same feelings for Neko because the two really are completely different people. i think it would be interesting.

Lastly...the one I've been working on as a story (well a variation of it) On The Brightside I have another post about this but basically my partner will take the role of Cloud, the deceased Zack's lover. He is healing from a drug overdose and has no idea that Zack is dead. Genesis, my character, tries to keep him from finding out, but attempts to keep his mind prepared for the worst.

I would like someone to reply to this or any of these who will try to keep posts about the lengths I have the initial ones in each...which I don't know if I will be able to keep up, but I'm always trying to keep my posts long...but it's hard when I'm only using on character...None the less, I look forward to replies....if I get any...or will my rep kill me once again.

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