Soldier .male .maybe m.

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Soldier .male .maybe m. Empty Soldier .male .maybe m.

Post by Tierra on Fri Apr 23, 2010 3:20 am

She had been away for twelve months. Two week break. Away again for six months.
She had seen her village fall under the hands of her own government and distant ones also. She was a brave soldier who like the devoted learnt to shut out all emotions and live the life of solitude. Her name changed so many times she no longer knew who she was, now on her break she returns to the fallen village of her past to find survivors, rebels and rebellion against all the rules she knows. The name she knows best is Soldier. The name she has at this point in time is Haeoquinn.

She got off her horse and walked the last few meters towards the ruins of an old village. She sighed as she passed rubble and wreckage. She found a half decent home and moved in for the night. She had set up camp, a small fire and fed herself all before the rain started and brought the night. Quinn sat looking into the fire till she heard rustling behind her. She grabbed her small revolver from her pack and pointed it in the direction of the noise. "Who's there" she said in a clear voice. Quinn had believed till this point in time that she was alone in the fallen village. Alone in the world.

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