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Haato sat in her chair completely oblivious to the world her eyes a dull teal colour, completely devoid of focus, her mouth hanging open slightly, her arms hanging limply in her lap and her legs sprawled out in front of her. Connected to the back of her head, into the holes beneath her almost shoulder length blonde hair, were long cords that hooked right up to a computer. With the click of a button the information from the computer uploaded, the codes whizzing visibly past her eyes as she was programmed. After a few moments the computer beeped twice to signal the end of the short programming session and the cords were pulled out of her head. There was a slight whirring sound before she closed her eyes and opened them again this time pupils visible and her eyes clearly focused. She moved her neck looking around surveying the surrounding building, everything a dull grey, no life forms aside from the one sitting at the computer. She moved her arm testing it looking at her fingers and the clothes she wore. She blinked, testing her hand in front of her hand before looking at her legs pushing her self to her feet and testing the movement in her waist, back and legs before turning to the man sitting at the computer her face completely expressionless. "Who. Are. You?" She stated each word dragged out like it's own sentence in a very synthetic matter.

She had no memories, she had no emotions, Haato was but a shell of a human, a being without a heart, without a life. A robot programmed more human like then any before her. But it was still not capable of feeling what a real human feels. Built to look around 15 she will never age the artificial skin that covers her body will never wrinkle will never stretch, she is unable to die, she is unable to cry. She has no idea what human emotions are or how to handle them. She knows nothing of the world outside this room, and she never will. Every night she will need to be charged, she will never live like a normal human, but this is not something she knows, not something she knows how to comprehend and she never will because she can not experience it enough to learn about it. No matter how much one may try, the chance of giving such a being a heart, a 'kokoro' is nearly impossible. Being a computerized being, she can learn and comprehend academic functions without a problem but lacks all common sense and street smarts. Her thought process is quick and she has the ability to memorize anything she is told. But she has no way to comprehend the love the person who created, who treats her like a father, gives her, and will never be able to return it.

((this is based off of a Vocaloid song called 'kokoro' which is a very sad song, that almost made me cry. You can listen to the song HERE. I want the RP to follow what happens before the robot gets kokoro. So the time of her 'life' where she is simply an emotionless robot and the scientist is trying to interact with her to pull out the emotions within her, and while he is working on kokoro for her. It's not a romantic RP as much as it is a friendly one.))

ima ugoki hajimeta kasokusuru kiseki,
nazeka manida ga tomaranai,
naze watshi furueru? kasokusuru kodou,
korega watasy no nozonda "kokoro"?

Now beginning to move, Miracle accelerating,
Why my tears won't stop...
Why am I shaking? Heart beat accelerating,
Is this what I hoped for...'KOKORO'?

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