A Blind Woman's Freedom

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A Blind Woman's Freedom

Post by sutekixtenshi on Mon Jan 26, 2009 4:58 pm

"Please... Shelter," the voice was barely a whisper, soft and trembling. The apprentices looked at each other even as the figure stood there her skin pale, lips blue from the cold. They hesitated because they saw the red where blood had once ran from her eyes. "Please... just for the night...." One woman nodded and the other wrapped an arm around the naked girl... the only thing she wore was a blanket draped like a cloak about her fragile frame.

"They say she is one of those Daughters of Dusk, the ones who the highlanders up on the mountain reviere... We did some check-ups. Her eyes... they were so bloodfilled it would have been a miracle if she wasn't blind then when I went in this morning the blood was gone but they're clouded over, poor thing... There was blood on her thighs too, she was probably raped and beaten to near death." Rhea heard the door close and the woman's voice carrying down the hall beyond it. She could feel the sunlight on her skin and lifted a hand... it felt warmer to her left and so she stood with a wince at the slight stab of pain and had to catch herself on the nightstand when her knees threatened to give. She wrapped an arm around her waist and felt cloth... she was wearing something... What had she had the night before? She couldn't remember but this fabric was softer... She felt ill at trying to remember and for a moment had to brace herself again against the wall. Finally, the uneasiness settled and she felt the strength of the light and a breeze on her face. She drew closer and felt out until she found the opening of the window and grasped the sill taking a deep breath.... She was blind, she was battered, but she was free.

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Re: A Blind Woman's Freedom

Post by Silver Fang on Tue Apr 21, 2009 2:25 pm

A young boy ran over and grabed the girls hand. "Hi my name is Thai. My mom gave me that name because it is the name of the Martial Art that my father masterd and because he masterd it, it saved his life. My grandmother told me that you would be staying her for a while which is why you slept in my bed last night. Which is ok I was training late anyways and crashed when I came in the door. But she also said that you have had a rough life and that you were a pretty little thing. So I decide that I am going to be your protector my father protected me and my mom but he didn't stand a chance against the Black Knights."
A swat caught the boy in the back of the head hard enough for anyone within a 20ft radius could have heard. A voice said, "Don't you have something to do." The boy rubbing his head says yes he takes the girls hand again but this hand had tape on it. He smiles and says, "Come on I am going to help you adjust to the farm while I train and do my chores." He picks the girl up and puts her on his cack and carries her all the way to a farm where he says, "This is was my fathers farm but it belongs to me now and Grandma says that if I want it to be successful I will have too take care of it myself so come back here I am going to show you where my hores are now because you can't see you won't handle them there are three percherons one is mine and the other well I guess their mine now too. They use to belong to my father and mother but now I guess one is yours . You choose Silver Thunder is mine. We were raisided together he has a black coat and and a silver mane and tail. The other two aren't his parents but just horses my mom and dad brought so he could have company. Now you can have Sun or Angel. They are both girls and Sun is a yellowish brownish color and Angle is white and has a yellowish mane that looks like a halo." Thai takes the girl's hands and puts them on the horses sides and says, "Tell me which one feels like you would like to ride or feels right to you." He walks off and starts moving some huge pices of wood sum twice as big as him. He looks over and says, "If you need me come and make sure you call my name and because sometimes I get so into my work and training that I don't pay atteniton to my surroundings and I don't want you to get hurt by accident I mean I am your protector right?"
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