Blue the Lone Wolf

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Blue the Lone Wolf

Post by BlueWolfie on Sun Apr 17, 2011 12:39 pm

Name: Blue Wolfie
Race: Grey Wolf
Age: 20
Alignment: Lawful at times but can be quite chaotic
Gender: Female
Hair Colour and Style: Navy blue fur with a bright blue tuft in the head, left looking natural (human has deep brown hair)
Eye Colour: green right eye and blue left eye
Ht. & Wt.: (human form is 5'3 and weights approx 8stone)
Identifying Marks: Tribal tattoos on the hind legs and 2 hooped earrings in each ear
Appearance: Slender and wears a variation of cloths (own style)
Background: Blue grew up knowing nothing but a harsh life which toughtened her up and made her the strong confident wolf she is today. She was abandoned as a cub and was forced to fend for herself, game was small and scarce which gives her a slender appearance. She uses her human form to hide from would be hunters in the wild but all in all she prefers her feral self. Blue to date is a lone wolf but does have family here and there, people and animals alike she has helped along the way.
Pets: none
Special Abilities: Possess's only the skills instinct has taught her, to hunt and eat.
Weapons: Teeth and Claws
Personality: Very mature and confident but does have a playful side. Is very supportive of her friends and loves company but is just as happy to go it alone.

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