Highland Warrior!

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Highland Warrior!

Post by tigresswarrior on Mon Jul 18, 2011 3:09 pm

Okay, so I just started reading this book Awaken the Highland Warrior, when i should be writing a paper.

But anyway. I'm totally pumped about this book, and I really want to do a rp involving a Highlander. =D

We could use the plot from the book i'm reading. I haven't gotten far, but this is what I gathered, the Highland Warrior ended up trapped in a tomb type thing, or he called it a time vault. Well, anyway, he was trapped, by friend or enemy, I can't tell yet, and ended up in a New York, centuries later, but somehow, his clothes were wet, as though he was just put in the tomb., then woke up in New York, when this girl finds him by following a map, looking for a treasure.

I got the book yesterday on my kindle, so I don't remember the description, but I'm too lazy to look it up on Amazon.com. This way we can add our own story, make it different. the only thing probably that would be the same, would be the fact that the girl finds him in the tomb.

Or We can thinking of some other highlander plot.

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