Daughter of the Night;Goddess of the Day;Heroes of the Light ((OPEN))

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Daughter of the Night;Goddess of the Day;Heroes of the Light ((OPEN)) Empty Daughter of the Night;Goddess of the Day;Heroes of the Light ((OPEN))

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Daughter of the Night; Goddess of the Day; Heroes of Light


Meenah let out a sigh and closed her eyes for a moment the bright expanse of night sky disappearing for a moment. Opening her eyes again she said her silent goodbyes to the night sky. This would be the last she saw of it until tomorrow night. It seemed that her leash was being pulled.

“Meenah! Are you coming home? Where are you?”The bubbly princess walked around a rock and stepped right into Meenah’s line of sight. The elder could hear the sound of her leash clicking in place as their gazes met. “Oh there you are. Come on, I made you dinner.”

“Yeah… I’m coming ain’t no need to get your bikini in a bunch.” She said pushing herself to her feet and stretching. She let out a sigh as her back cracked before looking back at her sister who was stifling a laugh into her hand. “What’s so funny?” Meenah asked with a small sneer.

“You’re all covered in sand!” Feferi said with a giggle.

Meenah rolled her eyes and started walking across the beach heading towards the grassy edge where stairs led up to their backyard. Feferi followed a few feet behind and silence ensued.

Neither of them spoke for the rest of the night. They walked into the house and Meenah went up to her bedroom and a few minutes later Feferi was coming upstairs with the food she had promised back out on the beach. Meenah mumbled her thanks as she pulled it towards herself trying her best to ignore her younger sister who moved over to her window and sat down on the ledge staring out at the pitch black sea.

"Don't you think it looks a little bit scary?"

"The ocean? No. Don't be stupid." Meenah replied with a snort, rolling her eyes and going back to her food.

"I mean... in the dark like this... it kind of looks like it could just swallow you and it would never give you back."

"Well maybe one day one of us will find out if that's the case. But right now you really shouldn't bother worrying about it, you're not out there and no water's going to be eating you anytime soon."

"I guess you're right." Feferi said with a small giggle. She turned to her sister and smiled. "I hope you enjoy your food, I'm going to head off to bed now. Good night. See you tomorrow."

"Yeah, whatever. Seeya."


Morning brought with it even more silence but with the harsh glare of the sun light beating onto her face. Meenah groaned and pulled her blankets up over her face. Not in the mood, she was never in the mood for getting up in the morning she was a night person through and through.

But something got her out of bed today. At first she wasn't sure what it was. She thought about it as the hot water of the shower flowed over her body and more as she braided her hair before it finally clicked.

"Congratulations. We've never been more proud of you, Meenah dear. Going to University... we thought it was to beyond you."

Right. School. The scholarship was not something she had wanted it was something that had been forced on her. A scout saw her at one of her swim meets, a scout who was so impressed not one with her times but with her attitude towards swimming that he asked if she would go to the school he was from on full scholarship. She couldn't refuse, this was something she was getting for free and by God was she going to take it in a heartbeat.

Though thinking about it now she really didn't want to be up right now let alone in class. She thought of how happy Feferi had been, who truly delighted the younger Peixes was and she decided that maybe she could put up with it... just for a day or two.

The commute was nothing. A five minute bus ride had her down at the campus and another five minute walk had her completely lost on the grounds. She was thoroughly angry with everything after another five and ended up finding the nearest map of the school and getting herself down to the pool as quickly as she could.

The change room was empty, to her relief, and she had the pool to herself. She set up a timer by one of the lanes and pulled her goggles down over her eyes. Swinging her braids back over her shoulders she started the timer.

5, 4, 3, 2...

She dove as though she was born with fins and barely left a ripple on the surface of the water as she plunged through the surface. With two strong dolphin kicks she was off down the length of the pool.

'Ten lengths,' she thought to herself, 'ten lengths and then I will go find out what the hell I'm supposed to be doing right now.'


Feferi closed the door behind her listening with eyes closed for the soft click of the bolt sliding home. It was comforting. She let out a heavy sigh as she walked away from the house but she held a bright smile on her face. She always did. She had a good feeling about today.

She always did.

She walked away from the large house and down the street to where her friend would be waiting to pick her up. Her gaze paused on her sister's window. She really hoped that Meenah would get up in time to go to school. She really hoped that this would work out for her. The thought of having to listen to more fights between the elder Peixes and their parents which would end in a loud bang of the door... she was tired of it. She wanted them to be able to live the fairy tale life everyone thought they had.

Money didn't always buy happiness.

Feferi waved to a car parked at the end of the street and the window rolled down.

"It's about time you showed up. I thought for sure you were going to be late this time."

"You know I'm never late, Sollux." Feferi replied opening the car door and sitting in the passenger side next to the brunette driver. She barely caught him rolling his eyes behind his anaglyph shades.

"Right, of course. I forgot you're the perfect princess who would shrivel up and die were she to disobey every rule ever conceived."

Feferi belted out laughter as she did up her seatbelt. "That was a lot of S's even for you Sollux," she said in mockery of her friend's lisp. He just rolled his eyes and started driving.

"It's the first day of our last year of high school and you're the first one to start up the lisp jokes? What has this world come too."

Feferi just laughed a little more and let Sollux drive.

The two of them parted ways when they entered the school building. This was, as Sollux had said, the first day of their senior year at high school and she was already starting to feel a little nostalgic about everything. There were plenty of familiar faces and a bunch of small kids who looked so fresh and young and she could remember so vividly when she had been one of those fresh new faces. Now she was staring at her schedule trying to figure out where her Biology class was.

First period had her seated at a desk surrounded by new faces and old faces with a teacher standing at the front whom she had had numerous times before. And she doodled in the margin of her notebook with a smile on her face as she waited for the period to end. To find more people she could reconnect with after not having seen them for a couple months.

She had always been a popular person, there was always someone who would look over at her and smile, or wave. Some of these people she didn't know at all, but she didn't mind. She liked it that everyone could come up and talk to her she loved the whole experience of meeting new people, getting into a new mind. She loved finding new relationships to replace the ones that have gone sour. It was a selfish thought, making new friends to replace people who had left... and she hated that she was so selfish... but no one seemed to mind. Everyone was just so happy to get to talk to her... as though she was a real princess among the plebeians of the school.


((Looking for two characters to interact with both of the sisters. It can be romantic interest, friendship or whatever... and they can be whatever gender you want them to be... if you have any questions or anything feel free to message me.))

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