Fountain of Youth (open)

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Fountain of Youth (open)

Post by ♦HârlêyQ♦ on Sun Mar 03, 2013 12:24 pm

Dasha (Greek for: gift of god)

An angel lay upon golden silk blankets, resting peacefully. Forever young the cause as to why no one knows. Her memory was taken from her. Either too painful for her to remember or too good for her allowed to know. She was taken in by a loving couple, raising her as their own. They moved all over so no one would start to get suspicious as to why the young girl never aged.

There are stories of a fountain of youth, waters that you drink and you’ll never age. One drop and you’ll be young for decades. The couple researched and researched to give answers to the child. They could never find a reason for the child’s everlasting life. They had theories; maybe the gods blessed her with eternal youth to give the earth a light of hope, maybe she found where the fountain of youth was, or her youth was a curse to remind her of a deed she did wrong.

In all truth the couple didn’t know how close they were. The angelic child they kept in their care was actually the true Fountain Of Youth. A drop of her blood could save a person on the brink of death, it could heal the sick. A few drops could give life and too much could take life. Though no matter how much blood you received, you could not obtain eternal life as most believed. Only the child herself never dies. This was her curse, to watch those around her live their life and die all the same.

She was never meant to live outside the walls of Olympus, the sanctuary of gods.
Those who envied her took her from her life of bliss and tossed her into the greedy palms of humanity.

"Mom, can I go to the park?" Dasha walked into the kitchen where her mother was doing dishes and preparing dinner for the evening. "I don't know sweetie" "I'll be careful I promise" The little girl pleaded with her mother. The women put down the plate she had been cleaning. Her face wrinkled and her hair gray from age. She looked tired and worn "Alright. We'll go to the park but only for a little bit" the women dried off her hands, removed her apron and hung it on the rack. She grabbed a light sweater as Dasha bounced out of the house and down the front steps.

Once at the park the old women found a bench to sit on and rest her tried body. Dasha ran off to play on the jungle gym, a smile painted on her face. She was happy. One look at her face could bring a smile to anyone’s face, no matter the circumstance they were in.

OOC: I would like someone to play a guy that somehow finds out about what Dasha is. He can be cruel and kidnap her for his own reasons or he could be nice and make a promise to the old lady that he will protect Dasha after the woman passes away. This idea just popped into my head so I don't really know where I want it to go but I’m hoping this lasts. Any idea you have would be gladly welcomed, I like it when people twists plots because it adds more to the story instead of just what I have planned, however I will be twisting things quiet often just so you know. I just ask that the guy be somewhat young but not too young. I would like someone descriptive but it doesn't have to be 6 paragraphs long, just no one lining plz. Any questions feel free to ask and I'll answer as best as I can. Just jump right in if you like the idea.

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