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Welcome To Uimates!
Here at Uimates, we have a few simple rules that we would like you to read over before joining. Failure to comply with the following rules may result in your posts being deleted, a temporary or even permanent ban, depending on the severity of the infraction. The enforcement of these rules falls to the individual descretion of the Moderators and Administrators; in all disputes, their ruling is final.
When playing IC (In Character) on any of our Roleplay boards, we ask that you follow these four simple rules of roleplaying etiquette. Failure to comply may result in posts being deleted, or the topic becoming locked.
1. Profiles: We ask that you post a profile for each character you play here on Uimates. They need not be approved by a moderator; merely completed and posted on our In-Game Profiles board. Please keep a link to each of your profiles, so that we may confirm their existence in the event of a dispute.
2. God-Modding: The act of creating or playing overpowered, untouchable, unbeatable, invincible, or otherwise 'immortal' characters on Uimates is forbidden. In the event of a dispute, please provide a link to the profile or role-play where the alleged 'God-Mod' has taken place.
3. Power-Playing: The act of directing the action of another player's character against their will is likewise forbidden. This includes 'auto-hitting' (stating an attack or action as though it has already succeeded, not allowing players to escape or avoid) and 'puppeteering' (describing another character's reaction or actions towards something you or your character has done.) As with Rule Two, please provide a link to the roleplay containing the alleged 'Powerplay' in the event of a dispute.
4. Mortality: It is against Uimates policy to kill another player's character in the context of a Roleplay. The exception to this rule is if a player has expressed written permission to kill a character from that character's player. In the event of a dispute, please email a moderator with a copy of the 'writ of permission' sent to you by the dead character's player. (whether it was sent by email, private message, or posted on the boards)
5. Joining In: If a roleplay is currently in progress, you may do one of two things: either a) Post in the Out-Of-Character thread related to the RP in question, or b) Private Message (PM) the Roleplay's creator, expressing your wish to participate.
As we have rules for role-playing, so too do we have rules for posting on our 'Out-Of-Character' boards on Uimates. We ask that you read and follow them, as they are not unreasonable.
1. Advertising: Posts advertising websites other than Uimates may be posted and ONLY posted on The Billboard section of the forum. Posts advertising for Roleplays on Uimates must be kept to the Active and Looking For boards.
2. Networking: It is the personal preference of the management that links to sites such as MySpace, Facebook, and other such 'social networks' are forbidden. Personal Journal websites such as LiveJournal and Xanga are exempt from this rule.
3. Affiliation: We ask that all requests to affiliate with Uimates be submitted by email ONLY. Also, as part of the affiliation agreement, Uimates must be affiliated on your site in return.
Posting Rules Punishment
Uimates strives to maintain a balance between order and freedom. To that effect, violation of Uimates 'Posting Rules' will result in the following:
Rule One: The offending post will be moved to the Paper Basket, and the user posting it will suffer a twenty-four hour ban. This is to keep Uimates free of unwanted spam and advertising.
Rule Two: The user will be permanently banned, and their posts wiped from the site. Uimates management stresses that the sites mentioned in Rule Two are NOT welcome here.
Rule Three: Treated as a Rule One violation, and dealt with accordingly. The user however, will not be banned, and is instead reminded to submit affiliation requests by e-mail ONLY.