Behold, as a wild ass in the desert, go I forth to my work.

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Behold, as a wild ass in the desert, go I forth to my work.

Post by RumpledMind on Tue Jan 06, 2009 1:45 am

Hello everyone, I am RumpledMind. You can call me Rumple.

I first joined Uimates a few years back as SensalleMatten, and Rp'd on and off due to my internet privileges being unreliable at best. I am now proud to say that I live on my own and pay for my internet now, so this time around, I shan't be going anywhere.

I enjoy freestyle RP, which is why I've only ever called Uimates my home. I enjoy the freedom that is offered here. When I begin a thread, I rarely ever have any idea where I want it to go, and they're always open. It's fun to enter into a story knowing just as little about the future as the characters. Spelling, grammar and detail are very important to me. I hate to sound like a pompous bitch, but one of the reasons I left Uimates the last time was the lack of quality RPer's. Most of the people I enjoyed writing with had left by then for similar reasons. The other reason was the growing abundance of "Mature" threads. Now I don't mind swearing and violence and drugs, I don't don't even mind implied sexual situations, but if you're RP reads like a cheap porno, I think it's time to re-think your motivations. That being said, what you do in your own thread is your business, but let it be known that I'm not down with that. Last I checked, this was no longer the case.

Boy, I really do sound like a pompous bitch. ^.~' Well, I'm looking forward to making my new home here.

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