Charmed & Dangerous (for october luna only)

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Charmed & Dangerous (for october luna only)

Post by October_Luna04 on Tue Dec 07, 2010 6:58 pm

Okay so yes as you may have guessed this is a charmed well spin off is the best way to describe it with special guest apperence from the sisters no doubt and yes this is a story for me to write on my own you can give me feed back but please no rp responses thanks. =D

Today is Briana’s 21st birthday-
“Morning sunshine” Her mother said as she opened her curtains Briana squinted as the sun hit her still tired eyes, she then looked over at her clock and saw it read 8am
“Can’t a girl sleep in on her birthday?”
“Ack phooey time to sleep when your dead we need to fit as much celebrating in as possible” her mother replied sounding more exited about her birthday than she did
“Why what have you got planned?” Briana asked curious
“Oh well you will just have to wait and see” she said with a smile as she left Briana to get ready.

After she showered and dressed Brianna headed down stairs to the kitchen and grabbed a bowl of cereal but before she had time to pour it her mother swiped them from her hand
“No I made waffles”
“Oh yummy my favourite” she smiled as her mother placed them down in front of her, she then drowned them in syrup before scoffing them all
“Thanks mum that was great”
“Oh no problem”
“Happy birthday princess” her father came down the stairs and kissing her cheek
“Thanks dad” she smiled
“So have you told...” her father started but was quickly shushed by her mum
“Come on Claire you know she will find out before long and if you don’t explain it she will freak”
“I know” her mother replied
“What are you guys talking about?”
“Nothing dear”
“Not till after her fun day”
“No please tell me now I want to know”
“Okay love we do have something to tell you” Her father said sitting at one side her mother went around and sat at the other. Briana was starting to grow worried they looked deadly serious and that sort of scared her a little.
“You see Briana since you turn 21 today you receive a special gift”
“Oh I love gifts” Briana smiled
“Well this isn’t your typical run of the mill gifts this is a special unusual gift and it’s one that can’t be returned” Her father continued
“Okay you’re worrying and confusing me now”
“Well I and the line of women in my family on turning 21 received gifts and as a girl you now receive them” her mother said
“What gifts?” she asked still utterly confused about the whole thing
“Special powers” Her mum said and a waited her daughters response.

There were a few moments of silence that was until Briana burst out laughing
“Good one mum you almost got me” she continued to laugh
“No Hun I am being deadly serious watch” and with that her mother slide the plate across the table with her mind, of course Briana freaked out and stood looking shocked at bother her parents.
“I am a white lighter” her father said and Briana looked at him as if he was insane so he orbed and as she seen the blue sparkly things her dad had turned into she gasped in shock
“Boo” he said as he re appeared behind her she screamed and ran out the house.
“See told you she would react badly” Claire said
“Listen it’s a lot to take in just give her time she will come back soon enough” Grant her father said.

“This can’t be real I am dreaming” she said and pinched herself which only hurt her. She couldn’t get the idea of magical powers being real this stuff belongs in fairy tale and movies. She headed to the only place she could think off her best friend’s house. As she approached the house she saw Millie in her front yard
“Happy birthday girl” Millie yelled as she saw her friend walking toward her
“Thanks Hun” she replied and hugs her friend
“So what you doing here...?”
“Oh I just needed, I left the house...”
“Oh come on what’s up?”
“Can we go inside to talk?”
“Sure come on” so they head in and Millie gets them both a wine and she sits opposite her friend “Talk”
“Well you will probably laugh at this I did but my parents just told me I have inherited powers”
“Powers...?” Millie asked confused
“Yes my mum moved a plate with her mind and my dad called himself a white lighter and then he turned into fuzzy little blue balls of light”
“Are you drunk...?”
“NO, sorry I am being serious”
“So you’re saying you have like magical powers like you’re a witch?”
“Yes I think so”
“Wow what power do you have?”
“I don’t know I left before I could find out anymore information, I was just so freaked you know”
“Well yea I can imagine it’s not every day you find your super human”
“What do I do Millie?”
“Babe all you can do is go home and get this craziness explained proper”
“Oh no, I can’t go home right now”
“Well let’s at least try to figure out your power”
“Where do I begin?”
“I don’t know”


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