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Post by Rose for the Hunter on Fri Dec 20, 2013 2:07 pm

Hey everyone,

This idea is based off Assassin's Creed, where it's a few years after Altair took over from Al Maulium, how things are run would be roughly the same as well but just want to know people's opinion. People can play Altair or can play an Assassin who is in the same position (no Altair, that character would take Altair's spot).

Basically it's the usual fight against the Templar's but their desire to take down the assassins seems to have gotten stronger since Al Maulium's defeat. One of the few female assassin's in the Order returned after all the chaos has long passed after being sent on several missions having not returned. To her surprise her friend (which is your charter/Altair) in charge, and as usual one step ahead of her.

Well tell em you opinions and if you'd be interested I would like for it to have more small paragraphs (4 lines) than one liners so please please please tell me what you lot think.

Also would be mature and might have gradual romance so, sort of like slow process of falling in love and stuff.

IMPORTANT: You can play as Altair OR your own character
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