So I got this idea, but I don't know.

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So I got this idea, but I don't know.

Post by Wolves-Rule1 on Fri Jun 08, 2012 4:59 pm

Okay so a girl who I will be playing goes to an animal shelter where she finds a dog, that is not turely a dog it's a shifter in a way. She knows because of it's eyes they were not those of a human, she buys the dog know that it would shift when she got it home. when it shifts it's a teen boy around 17. And ya know she's pretty young herself, and I was just gonna have it be like he was her pet, but they end up falling in love and what not.

So yeah I was looking for someone that would like to play the guy. I dont know though, if you think this won't get any where, please let me know. =D


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