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Post by Guest on Thu Jan 16, 2014 12:52 pm

I have been watching a lot of anime so I am very inspired to role-play. I want to do a role play like the anime called Inuyasha. A very powerful priestess and a demon fall in love. The priestess is guarding a jewel called The Angel’s Teardrop. All types of humans and demons desire it to fulfill their deepest desires. Well a strong demon tricks the priestess and her demon to fight each other. This resulting in the demon lover to be pinned to a tree with a sacred arrow, the jewel being shattered, and the priestess dying in a pool of her own blood. The priestess sees the shattered pieces of the jewel scattering across the world and vows to return to set things right.

Then 500 years pass and the priestess is reborn as a 17 year old girl. The girl is given a priceless ancient mirror from her grandmother and she cuts her finger on the mirror waking it up with her blood. The mirror opens up as a portal the a hundred years after the demon and the priestess fought. She finds that she cannot return until the jewel is repair and destroyed the right way.


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