Macross Ultra-Delux (Silverwolf please)

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Macross Ultra-Delux (Silverwolf please)

Post by Ravenna 3arc on Sat Mar 01, 2014 10:01 pm

Waking up to the sound of Alarms and Flashing emergency lights, Jasper quickly sat up. He still hadnt recovered from the last battle that had taken place, but this was not looking good. Jasper got off the bed and tried to stand on the floor but noticed that the antigravity systems where offline. Looking around while saying,"damn," floating in mid-air from the lack of gravity He then pushed off the bed with his foot and harm and floated towards the closet in front of him and quickly opened it and grabbing his combat suit. There was no time for Explinations, he had to act fast. Quickly putting on the suit he rushed out the room while holding the helmet in his hand and a specially designed pistol thats not based off the tradtitional design like normal.

Trying to be cautious, Jasper puts the helmet on and a active HUD comes up for him to see and starts giving him alerts that he isnt able to pay attention to. Suddenly Jasper hears,"EMERGENCY VENTING IN SECTION 32! T MINUS 5." Looking around Jasper saw the numbers 32 right beside him in black thats 3 feet tall and 3 feet wide, upon seeing this jasper yelled,"FUCK!" There was a loud beep and there was a loud sucking sound from the vacuum of space as it sucks out the air and pulls Jasper with it. Slamming into a wall to break his fall from possible death into the depths of space, he coughs some and cocks the pistol and hears it whine up and says outloud,"Air Burst Rounds!" The pistol changes size and gets larger but just slightly, the suit begins supplying Jasper Oxygen but before doing anything else Jasper checks his Oxygen supply by looking at the digital heads up display inside the helmet and was happy to find out that the air was full but that only brought him slight relief knowing that the air tanks only last for about 4-6 hours depending on breating rate.

He moved his wrist closer to him and said,"Aura, where is Exia!" a female voice replied,"20 clicks north of you." Groaning in annoyance and discomfort He pushes himself off the wall and begins floating. every time he would get a click closer a small ping sound would go off in the helmet but it was very faint.

five clicks out he noticed that there wasnt someting that should be. He turns on the magnetic clasps in the feet and steps on the ground, making his own gravity. Walking slowly with the pistol in hand, he looks around the area knowing that something, someone was out there. getting on edge Jasper begins aiming down where he is looking with his arms full length, one holding the pistol while the other guarded it in his hand so someone couldnt take it from him. He turned the light on the gun on and a bright beam began shining and he said,"Look, I know your out here." He silently turns off the mag locks and floats again and pushes hard and flies around the corner while aiming down the sights but doesnt fire and uses the air jets to stop dead still as he notices a woman in a suit, clearly afraid and unaware of the situation just like him. Lowering his advanced pistol he reaches out to her with his hand saying,"My name is Jasper, Im a fighter of the SMS Skull Squadron. If you come with me I can get us safe."

They didnt have forever to wait, he wasnt gonna wait forever on this woman. He understood that she may be afraid but they had to hurry before something else bad happens. Jasper retracts his hand and touches the helmet with his finger and says softly,"shhh.... we must go now!" His suit turned jet black and he whispered,"Aura, online Exia now. I need a emergency Evac, Authrise one passenger." Aura hearing how Jasper had begun to talk, Aura simply sent a pulse glow in the headset that he was wearing.
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Re: Macross Ultra-Delux (Silverwolf please)

Post by silverwolflady on Fri Mar 14, 2014 9:24 pm

Limos had no idea what was going on, one minute there was silence and the next there where alarms blaring and everything. She had managed to get out into the main hall only to freeze when a male pointed his pistol at her. Not a single muscle moved as she stared at him, waiting for his move.

The moment he lowered the pistol, she relaxed, only slightly though. Keeping her eyes on him as he spoke. Didn't take long before she was reaching for his hand that he offered. deciding she really wanted to get to safety first before thinking about anything else.

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