The Runaway Geisha (Mature, Newer Version)

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The Runaway Geisha (Mature, Newer Version)

Post by Rose for the Hunter on Tue Mar 25, 2014 8:32 am

11 Years ago…
It was that fateful day that the world changed, the way in which I acted and presented myself. The way in which i saw people, everything I and ever known taken in a mere second. Sold by my parents who could no longer afford to keep me I ended up in the Geisha district, I was considerably luckier than some however, they would end up in… well you can guess. A Geisha is an entertainer at a formal or informal party, they wear the most marvelous kimonos, almost like painting. They entertain with their company, dances and music traditionally they play the shamisen.

Present Day...
It was only a few days after her birthday now, Sora, as she was now known as due to the sky blue eyes that hid beneath her white eyelids, had just heard about the bid for her mizuage. She was nineteen years old which was about the average age for many geisha's to leave their 'older sister'. She hadn't heard who was in the bidding for it yet and had not yet given out the sweets that many would give out to those she hoped would bid for her. Sighing she put on her make up, the snow white paste she painted on her face, the purity of the colour soon became stained by her painted crimson lips. The make up was now a daily routine, not something she enjoyed just something that must be done for the sake of paying off her debt. After the thick makeup had been placed upon her face it looked almost like a non mask only softer and more feminine with the rose lips. Next was the kimono this time she had a beautiful koi kimono with the beautiful trio-coloured fish almost dancing along the surface of the kimono.

The same old man helped with preparing the kimono over her, all you had to do was stand there and with her red inner collar. The koi kimono was then places over her arms and then a beautiful orange obi is tied in a darari-obi knot or rather a 'dangling knot', it was a long process with adjusting the kimono to fit and making sure there were no creases before her tabu were pulled on as well. finding her Geta she was checked once again before some good luck in the form of a spark from some flint on her back before she went out every evening for parties was prepared and done before heading out of the large gates of the Tachibana house.

Sora headed outside in those awkward shoes, she might have been here for eleven years but most of this was fairly new to her. She shuffled along meeting her 'older sister' half way to the Osaka tea house where they were to attend. Knocking on the door they both entered and placed themselves near their favored patron in which they would pour drinks and talk about subjects and stories or ask for dances. The tea house was very elegant with the best of teas served and the most delicate of flowers would be displayed on the tables by the windows, this time they were some pure white lilies. The small garden outside was a peaceful zen garden which presented a relaxing atmosphere for many guests. Sora and her 'older sister' Tsuki were soon asked to perform a dance by the host of the party in which the pair happily obliged. Rising to their feet with the utmost of elegance they prepared for a dance, both had matching fans for their kimonos, Sora with a koi fan and her 'older sister' with a sakura petal fan. They moved with grace ,their bodies moving in tune with their hands to the silent music,  perfected to every last point of the fingers to the look of the eyes to the emotion shown on their crimson lipped noh mask faces. The story of two sisters that and been separated and met up again later on in life. They showed despair, happiness and the sorrow as they were separated once more in death. Their kimonos flowed with their movements like the ocean and lapped gently at their legs, this was the one part abut being a geisha in which Sora did not mind for it brought a sense of peace over her troubled mind.

Just as the dance was finishing a new patron of the part entered "Oh my, I almost forgot didn't you say you'd be coming late?" asked the host to the new guest looking towards the man who'd just entered "Tsuki you must introduce yourself and your sister to this man, he is a good friend of mine" he laughed, his breath reeking of alcohol, primarily sake. "Excuse my rudeness sir" she smiled the moved to their bowing position which to them was a bit more of a squat with their hands barely touching the floor as they were neatly held together. "My name is Tsuki and this is my younger sister Sora" she said. Sora bowing her head before her eyes full of the clear blue sky raised to look at the new guest. She didn't recognize him at all, unknown to her this single man would cause a drastic change in her life. Rising once more to their feet like flowers sprouting from the earth Tsuki offered him a seat at the low table before them. When seated Sora was the one to pour him sake sitting between him and the other guest who was next to the host. "My she's a very quiet girl Tsuki" said the host laughing "I know, but she can be quite entertaining when she chooses and her eyes do attract some good customers like yourself mister Kiryu." she said laughing a little. Sora was careful about this and did not show the slightest spark of disgust especially when her older sister mentioned the bid and that old decrypted man said he might put forward an offer. Tsuki gave her a slight glare in which she thanked him for offering to put forward a bid, when really that disgust was still dripping inside her heart.
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