The Dark Circus (Open to all)

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The Dark Circus (Open to all)

Post by Rose for the Hunter on Sun Oct 13, 2013 6:18 am

Saki had just finished her performance again, it was a new routine where they played out a battle scene in which both would 'die' so to speak at the end. "Well done boy" kissing the dragons maw after they'd left the ring and headed back to their area on the campsite. She let him got to his shelter, which was prepared and taken apart when they stayed and left. There was a haunting beauty about the Dark Circus that would draw in the surrounding world, the griffons screeched at the top of their lungs and the harpies were trying to escape, but at least Saki let her dragon roam free… as long as he was well behaved that is.

The roars from the crowd inside could be heard inside and when the whole sow ended they had to go back into the arena for their applause and after that they could go and rest for the night, they stopped usually during the night at least and travelled in the day, that way their ringleader could look around the area for jobs. The Dark Circus was made up of people, creatures and monsters that had no where else left to go but had unusual talents. As you know Saki's talent seemed to be communicating and taming dragons very well, but strangely no other creatures would do anything for her... not even dogs.

She headed into her caravan and pled out the meat supply checking it "Ok I'll need to hunt for him again soon" she muttered to herself. There wasn't too much left but it would cause to many problems to let him fly around while they were on a job. However, when on the road it she could let him hunt for himself, but she always liked to make sure he was kept fed, who knows what problems could occur otherwise. Saki headed into his shelter and looked around it was dark so thought he was simply hiding like dragons do sometimes "Hey" she shouted and looked around "Geez listen already!" she shouted once more. Hearing footsteps, lighter than her dragons she walked forward into a scaly body and paused "Is that…" she stuttered and looked up able to see the glowing eyes that she recognised all too well. looking rather shocked she dropped the meat bucket, surprised and shook her head "I must be dreaming…" she muttered and pinched herself before looking to him again "Is that really you?"
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